Advantages of PHP

Apr 25, 2020

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor(well it's the worst abbreviation I've ever seen). It's a scripting language which executes at the server side and the result is returned back to the browser as a plain HTML document.

PHP scripting is easy to learn. Developers grasp knowledge of PHP easily. This is because the PHP is similar to C and Java to an extent. Developers usually learn PHP as the first scripting language. Therefore, it is easy to find out expert in the language than other languages. The simplicity of PHP makes it popular among developers.

You need PHP to perform the following

Create, open, edit, delete files present on the servers. Collect and validate form data given by the user. Send and receive cookies. Access the database.

Control user access ( you might have seen websites with normal and premium users ….. Data accessed by premium users is restricted to normal ones)

The technology world provides a large number of scripting languages to developers to build applications and websites like ASP, CGI, Perl and PHP. Among all of them, PHP is a popular one and is a widely used scripting language. It is used by a number of popular sites like Facebook. Here are some important points on PHP popularity to notice.

Quality Support

For developers PHP is the language that is easy to learn. They easily get in touch with experts and can take help from online. As it is an open source and popular, there are many blogs, forums and PDFs that discuss the problems associated with PHP coding. Developers can take guidance from these sources.

Flexibility & Freedom

The open source allows you to use any text editor for coding including Emacs, jEdit, Notebook++ etc… It doesn’t restrict you to develop a unique app. The high-end scripting language is compatible with multiple platforms; it is not limited to OS. You can run it on Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, Unix etc…


PHP is used with multiple web applications. It integrates well with Memcache, MongoDB and Pusher. Multiple companies including IT, Banking, Hospitality and Health use the PHP application in some fashion.


In the IT world the word ‘scalability” is a big thing. The way “PHP” has been programmed it allows you to add or enhance your cluster size by adding servers. It gives you platform to grow more.

Customized Development

A website that is developed in PHP can be customized to a great extent. You can get the look and appearance for your site that you are looking for under PHP. It gives enough flexibility to create a customized site.

A professional PHP developer can provide world-class services that can meet your expectation. From web development to customized application development, professionals are ready to offer the best services under budget. Contact a PHP web development company in India to find work satisfaction because here a team of developers work together to offer the best services.