Programing vs coding

Sep 22, 2019

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what did you understand in the above sentence? I know the one who knows the Korean language must have understood it and the one who doesn't know Korean will not have understood it. you can only understand the language you know and respond to it. same as, if you want to communicate with the computer then you should know the language of the computer. if we want to get our work done by computer then we will have to give information in the language computer can understand. we use coding to interact with computers in this we will understand the difference between coding and programming.

What is coding?

We have commonly known that computer processors only understand the language of ones and zeros and our natural language is completely different from this binary language. Thus, we need to translate the commands that we want to execute into the language of processors. But what is coding and, most importantly, what do coders do? So a coder is someone who codes from one language to another. It can be from English to Morse code, or from English to Java code. When you are coding, you are translating requirements into a language the environment your application will run in will eventually understand (server, PC, iPhone, browser, etc.) Coding is the translation of natural language into machine commands and coders use an intermediary language to direct the step-by-step action the machine needs to take.

What is programming?

Computer programming is the process of telling a computer to do certain things by giving it instructions. These instructions are called programs. A person who writes instructions is a computer programmer. The instructions come in different languages; they are called programming languages.

Is coding and the same thing programming?

No, they are not the same though we commonly use these words and we mean the same but they really different.Coding is the subset of programming

Let's see if you want to add two numbers you just write the code for adding two numbers in which we give an input of two numbers and get an output as the addition of these two numbers but think if you want to make the calculator.

Then to make a calculator you need to make a program which performs all the functions/ operation like Adding, subtraction, multiplication, division and all the mathematical operations that a calculator does.

So here comes the difference if you want to make a small code then from this we mean coding but if we want to make a bigger application or program without any error then we mean programming.

Difference between coders and programmers

Some say 'Coders & Programmers are same' but they are NOT!

Programmers develop logic, deeply analyze a problem and solve it using math principles. whereas Coders are the people who translate logic into real code.

Coders are more language-oriented people. If someone says "He's a coder". It simply means he is strongly familiar with the ABC language.

Programmers are the people who use blackboards, paper, sketch apps to draw or write substantial logic and figure out how to execute their imagination.